Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Real People you are now part of the largest agency in Scotland for extras, walk-ons and photographic models.

In agreeing to join Real People you agree for the agency to be your sole representative unless otherwise agreed. And authorize Real People to enter into contracts and to collect fees on your behalf. To allow Real People to use my image and details as supplied on website and to promote and obtain work via best media available. Real People will endeavour to find you work in the TV and film industry as a background artist.

You may be asked to take part in a wide variety of work some interesting and sometimes not so interesting, such is the nature of the business.

The nature of the work you will be asked to do is such that it does not conform to 9am – 5pm.  You may be asked to start early and finish late.  You can expect to be fed when on TV or film set.

The most important thing to remember is to be on time!!! The easiest way not to be asked back again is to be late!! Always make sure you know where you are going.

You may be asked to work in conditions that you would not normally find yourself. The nature of the profession is that you should grit your teeth and get on with it (that’s show bizz). Being part of this industry is not always glamorous.

Payment for all work is through the agency. The client will be invoiced for work done, by the agency, when the client has paid the agency and the appropriate deductions have been made the balance will be paid to you. Our preferred method is by BACS. You cannot be paid until the client has paid the agency.

Your contract with the agency is for one year, and is renewable yearly thereafter with the appropriate fee to be paid.  The annual fee is currently £25.00 this may be amended at a future date.  If you wish  to cancel your membership you must inform the agency in writing.  If for any reason you wish to terminate your membership you must inform the agency in writing giving 14 days’ notice. If the agency has the need to terminate your membership, we will do so in writing giving 14 days’ notice.

The agency charges a commission in respect of work gained through Real People. This is 21% plus VAT and will be deducted from fees due to you.

Fees due to the agency may be deducted from payments due to yourself.

You will receive a full refund of all fees if your details are not published within 60 days

Do not sign any contract unless you have been authorized by the agency, you may sign an attendance slip for payment purposes, put the agencies name and address not your own.

Keep your image up to date, if you have made any changes to your appearance that differs from the image held by the agency call to arrange to have your image updated.

You must inform the agency of change of address or telephone number.

Do not accept or seek payment in cash under any circumstances from a client.

After all jobs you must call the agency to confirm your attendance and time on the job.

Do not approach staff on set with any non-urgent queries they are busy people and under stress and the last thing they want is to be bothered by trivia. Please refer any questions back to the agency.

After accepting an assignment, you must make every effort to fulfil your obligation and that failure to attend may result in you being liable for any costs incurred due to your non-appearance without cause.

Do not engage in any gossip on set or divulge what clients you have worked for with strangers out with the agency as this may be used by a rival to gain work that you may have got.

Do not discuss fees with clients or other people during or call clients afterwards regarding payment, as this is the surest way of you not being hired again by them.

Not to join any other agency without being authorized by the agency.

Do not accept any offers to work direct from a client out with the protection of the agency.  This is to ensure that you are paid what you are entitled to and not to break any contracts that may be in force with previous clients.

In accepting a job from Real People you are bound by the conditions current at that time.

Never give out your telephone number or address to a client always put the agency name and contact details.

In the terms of any work gained from the agency you are deemed to be self-employed and are responsible for all appropriated contributions in respect of your earnings.

You must at all times act in a professional manner and not bring the agency into disrepute.  When on assignments not to consume alcohol or drugs and to understand that any complaint from the client may result in non-payment.

We would advise you to join a drama group.  Your local library will be able to give you a list.

Supporting artists who will be out with us on BBC and ITV productions when children are on set will be required to have a basic disclosure check done and hold certificate. 

The process takes approx. 2 weeks so if you are applying please do so ASAP. It is advised that you get one and forward a copy to us to keep on file.

The cost is £25.00, apply on the Scottish gov site, https://www.mygov.scot/basic-di…/apply-for-basic-disclosure/ beware of scam sites that charge £75.00

If you are convicted of any offences that would prohibit you from working with children, then you must inform the Agency.Job Alerts will come from this number – 07520 633336. It be might be a good idea to add this to your contacts. This number is used for job replies only and is not a contact number. If you need to contact us, please call the office number 0141 563 2792.

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