Bell Bottom CW Thurs 2nd oct
Bell Bottom Prestwick WP Air ( Song )airport Thurs 10th
Vigil Mon 31st Aug funeral
Acting levels 1-3 Acting Coach Scotland
Photo shoot - See Glasgow 30/31st July 2012
Catwalk Model at Bride Event
Film 'Laid Off', Film 'Field of Blood', TV Commercial for Board Game,
BBC Drama 'River City' 25/03, 22/2/12 health centre & pb, 09/10/12 pub, 11/10/13 hot shot lawyer, 02/05/14 Nurse
photo shoot for S.A.M.H. 5/11/12, Mrs Browns Boys 8/11/12,
Waterloo Road teacher ser 8 30 app's between 28/5/12,24/1/13, waterloo road teacher ser 9 6/5/13
BBC Drama Shetland lawyer 29/7/13, TV Commercial for Lotto 8/8/13
Outlander 04/02/14, 05/02/14, 06/02/14, 07/02/14, Featured artist STV promo 21/22/8/14,
Drama 'Stonemouth' Wedding Scene 04/11/14, TV Drama 'CUT' 22/11/14 Office worker, Scotrail TV Commercial 08/04/15, ITV Shetland DCI 18/05/15, Million Dollar American Princesses Series II 09/07/15, Outlander Series II 16/07/15 1740s French Nobel, 22/07/15 1740s French Nobel, 23/07/15 1740s French
Historic Scotland Photo shoot 22/09/15
CBBC 'The Dog Ate my Homework' 12/10/15
Outlander 1940s 11/11/15
Scotrail TV Commercial 24/11/15
STV - TV Commercial For Metropolis - 02/02/2016
Photo shoot for Scotrail 08/02/2016
10 Rillington Place 07/05/2016
Scrotal Recall Passer By 16/05/2016
Scots squad 07/07/2016
Muncie - Passer By's 08/07/2016
Trainspotting Airport 12/07/2016
The Replacement 17/07/2016
Outlander 1950 Harvard University 05/09/2016
Outlander Nurses 01/11/2016
Outlander 60s nurse 30/11/2016
Film ‘The Wife’ – Nobel Guests 16/11/2016,26/11/2016,27/11/2016
Outlander theatre nurses 06/12/2016
Clique Press 22/11/2016
Ganten Mineral Water TV Commercial 28/11/2016, 29/11/2016
Credit fix, featured online video 03/03/2017
Freak Films 29/03/2017
Ordeal by innocence, boness train station 12/07/2017
Feature Film Country Music Hospital Staff 27/07/2017
Ordeal by Innocence 18/08/2017
Film ‘Only You’ 12/10/2017, 17/10/2017
Only You Film 19/10/2017
Ordeal by innocence 04/02/2018
Still Game 29th 30th aug - 29/08/2018
Still Game 29th 30th aug - 30/08/2018
The Midnight Gang with David Walliams- Tues 2nd Oct @ Parkhouse Industrial Estate, 419 Balmore Road - 02/10/2018
Trust Me Medical Drama - Wed 3rd Oct - 03/10/2018
Ladbrooks TV com Wedding Scene wed 12th AND thurs 13th Females - 12/12/2018
Ladbrooks TV com Wedding Scene wed 12th AND thurs 13th Females - 13/12/2018
Scottish Widows online video 11th march - 11/03/2019
Guilt office workers Thurs 18th and 19th april - 18/04/2019
Succession - Staff - 1st June - Dundee
Demon headmaster staff wed 17th
Eliz is Missing pub folk
Eliz is Missing pub folk 18th Aug
Eliz is Missing pub folk 14th Aug
River city Monday Hospital Mon 23rd sept
River city Tue 5th nov doctor nurse
Only an Excuse Elegant lady fri 8th nov
Shiddat Sat 16th Nov Embassy UK staff
The Nest hospital scene Tue 10th Dec Nurse
The Nest Wed 11th Dec


Acting classes Level 1-3 Acting Coach Scotland
Yoga Teacher \/ Runner \/ Golf
ex Nurse
ex Airline Cabin Crew
MBA - Business Presentations
Play Saxophone
Horse Riding
Poetry Writing, Dancing & Theatre
Driving Licence

Holds Disclosure



Age 56
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Chest 36″
Waist 26″
Hips 36″
Dress 10
Inside leg 29″
Height 5"4' (1.62m)