Real Estate project Tue 3rd Nov
Bell bottom Females Fri 2nd Oct
Bell bottom Females 1st Oct
Bell Bottom Prestwick Air Crew ( Song )airport Thurs 10th
Bell bottom airport Air hostess Fri 4th aug
TV Com with Akshay, filming Wed 2nd Sept
Bell bottom students Wed 26th Aug
BBC Drama Waterloo Road ser 9 50 appearences
BBC Drama Waterloo road Ser 10 17/6/14, 19/06/14, 20/06/14, 22/06/14, 23/06/14, 25/06/14, 08/07/14, 11/07/14, 14/07/14, 15/07/14, 16/07/14, 17/07/14, 23/07/14, 01/08/14
BBC Drama Shetland Party 3/9/13,
BBC Drama River City 07/03/14 pb, Comedy 'Fried' 20/11/14
Eve Series II - Part of 'Meena' featured role 19/08/15, 25/08/15
Bollywood film KJD 30/8/15 student, Bollywood Film KJD 02/09/15, Bollywood Movie KJD 24/09/15
Online Film 15/09/15
Union Advertising, Photo Shoot For Scotrail 26/01/2016
NHS Career Film 09/02/2016
Television Pilot Show 21/03/2016
Tum Bin Featured As Jasleen Bollywood Film 08/04/2016, 18/04/2016,19/04/2016 , 20/04/2016, 21/04/2016
Trainspotting club scene 14/6/16
Trainspotting club 80s disco 14/06/2016
The Cry 28/04/2018, 29/04/2018
Molly and Mark stall holders 11/06/2018 - 31/07/18
Sustrans Cycle Scotland Photoshoot 31/05/18
Clique TV drama 19th June, for a UV paint party, Edinburgh. Daytime shoot.
RBS Photo shoot 27/06/2018
River city Tuesday 21st Aug pub patrons - 21/08/2018
Still Game Wed 5th Sept - 05/09/2018
River city 3 days 11,12,13 sept - 11/09/2018
River city pantomime helpers 12th 13th sept - 12/09/2018
River city pantomime helpers 12th 13th sept - 13/09/2018
TV dram Trust Me Mon 24th sept Glasgow 11.00 am to 22.00 - 24/09/2018
BBC comedy 2 Doors Down Mon 1st Oct - 01/10/2018
Trust Me Medical Drama - Monday 1st October - 01/10/2018
River City - Thursday 4th Oct @ Studio in Dumbarton - 04/10/2018
Limbo party scene glasgow - 05/10/2018
Trust Me - Monday 22nd October - 22/10/2018
Trust Me Tue 23rd oct - 23/10/2018
Trust Me - Wednesday 24th October - 24/10/2018
Trust Me - Thursday 25th October - 25/10/2018
Trust Me - Friday 26th October - 26/10/2018
River city Saturday 27th oct - 27/10/2018
Trust me Tv drama Mon 29th Oct - 29/10/2018
Trust me Friday 2nd sept - 02/11/2018
Trust Me Thurs 8th Nov - 08/11/2018
Trust Me Fri 9th nov - 09/11/2018
Trust Me Monday 12th Nov - 12/11/2018
Trust me Thurs 15th Nov - 15/11/2018
Trust Me Friday 16th - 16/11/2018
Trust Me Mon 19th Medical staff - 19/11/2018
Photo shoot Thurs 20th Edinburgh - 20/12/2018
Tesco shoot on Wed 16th January - To play store customers - 16/01/2019
Police Scotland Photo shoot - Hate Campaign Wed 30th Jan or Thur 31st Jan - 30/01/2019
River City Monday 11th Feb - 11/02/2019
River city tomorrow 26th Feb - 26/02/2019
Photo Shoot Fri 1st march Glasgow - 01/03/2019
Revolve Photo Shoot - Edinburgh -19th March - 19/03/2019
River city Wed 20th, shoppers - 20/03/2019
Guilt to play female police officers mon 8th April - 08/04/2019
Intu Shopping Centres Advert - Thursday 23rd May in Glasgow
Demon Headmaster Hotel Chaperone sun 14th
Deadwater fell chaperone tue 16th July
Deadwater Fell Chasperone Wed 17th July
Demon Headmaster Hotel Chaperone Sun 14th July
Demon Headmaster hotel Chaperon 2nd, 3rd day night, 4th Day night
Demon Headmaster hotel chaperone Night 2,3,4,9,10,11 Aug
Demon Headmaster Hotel chaperone DAY 17,18,24,25 Aug
Deadwater Fell Police soco's Fri 26th July
River City Chaperone - 7th and 8th August
Demon Headmaster Chasperon set mon 29th July
Deadwater Fell Chaperone location Tue 30th July
River City Chaperone - 9th August
River City Chaperone - 13th August
River City Chaperone - 12th August
River City Chaperone - 8th August
Demon Headmaster Chaperone Set Tue 6th Aug
Chaperone River City Wed 21st aug
Chaperone River City Thurs 22nd aug
Demon Headmaster Hotel alisha 19th aug
Demon headmaster staff Fri 16th Aug
Demon headmaster staff Mon 19th Aug
Demon headmaster staff Tue 27th Aug
Chaperone river city Fri 23rd aug
Demon set chaperon Monday 26th aug
Demon set chaperon Wed 28th Aug
Demon set chaperon Thura 29th
Demon set chaperon Fri 30th aug
Demon Headmaster Hotel Angela Mooney chaperone,25 Aug
The Nest Dinners 2nd Sept
Chaperone River city Fri 6th Sept
River City Tue 3rd Sept
Chaperone River city Thurs 12th Sept
Chaperone River City Fri 13th sept
River City Chaperone - Monday 23rd, Wed 25th & Thurs 26th Sept
River City Chaperone - Tues 1st and Wed 2nd Oct
River City Chaperone Friday 4th Oct
River City Chaperone 8th and 9th Oct
Chaperone River city 18th and 20th
River city Chaperone Fri 8th
Photo shoot Pitlochry/cairngorms Wed 27th
The Nest Tue 3rd Dec Police officers
Bank of Scotland TV com Monday 9th Dec
The Princess Switch 19th 20th dec 7th Jan


Spotlight Registered
Driving Licence


Age 25
Eyes Brown
Hips 39″
Dress 12
Height 5"6' (1.67m)
Collar 7.00
Shoe size 7.00