School Play's And A Few Student Films. Modelling
Armchair detective 29/08/2017, 30/09/2017
Ayat café 2 10/09/2017
Film ‘Only You’ 04/10/2017
Outlander townsfolk 09/10/2017, 10/10/2017, 11/10/2017, 25/10/2017, 26/10/2017
Film ‘Only You’ 05/10/2017
Fear TV pilot 24/02/2018, 25/02/2018
Clique S2 E2 10/05/18
Sopranos Bride Tue 28th nov - 28/11/2018
Sopranos Bride Tue 28th nov - 08/12/2018
Outlander wedding now 25th 26th 28th June
Outlander wedding now 26th
Outlander Wedding Parlour Tue 9th July studio
Princess Switch Mon 25th Nov Gosford house
Princess Switch Tue 26th Nov Gosford house
Princess Switch Wed 4th dec Manderston house
Princess Switch Fri 29th Nov Gosford house


Scuba Diving, Horse Riding, Latin Dancing and Tango, Amature Singing, Archery, Textile Design, Weight Lifting, Boxing
Qualified Emergency Responder


Age 25
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Chest 29″
Cup size DD
Waist 26″
Hips 36″
Dress 8
Height 5"7' (1.70m)
Shoe size 6.00