STV, Vet School (Documentary) 10/06/2012
Forces TV, Paras in Kenya (Documentary) 18/11/2013
Netflix Original, Love Sick, (BBQ Guest) 08/10/2017
BBC, Clique, (Solasta Employee) 21/08/2017
RBS 4 nations (Supporter) 21/12/2016
Richard Mountney stock footage 29/01/2017
STARZ - Outlander (Mid-Shipman) 02/02/2017, 03/02/2017, 06/02/2017, 07/02/2017
River City 14/03/2017
NHS Photo shoot– Psychological Care (Featured) 17/03/2017, 31/03/2017
RBS TV Commercial 05/05/2017
Lead Cast Short film, Mechanic, (Hackland -Soldier) 12/04/2018
Lead Cast Short film, Thorns of the Past (Alex) 10/08/2018
IRN BRU - TV Commercial (Footballer) 11/01/2018
RBS TV Commercial (Post Man) 24/01/2018
STARZ - Outlander (Feature - Persian Actor) 06/03/2018
Lead Cast - Promotional Video, The Drovers Inn 11/09/2018
STARZ - Outlander (Main Cast Double) 12/03/2018
BBC Clique House Party (Drunk) 23/05/2018
Lead Cast, Short Feature Film 'A Whole New World' (Mark) 08/06/2018
Lead Cast 48 Hour Film Festival, Lifejacket (Alex Mckenzie) 15/07/2018
Promotional Video, LEGION 9 Crossfit Brand (Featured Athlete) 11/10/2018
BBC Still Game (Pub) 22/08/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Clubber) 21/09/2018
Film Shoot Edinburgh 'A Teia' 03/10/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Physiotherapist) 02/10/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Physiotherapist) 04/10/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Physiotherapist) 08/10/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Physiotherapist) 09/10/2018
BBC Trust me Medical Drama (Physiotherapist) 12/10/2018
River city (Police Officer) 23/10/2018
Fast and Furious (H and S) SET 25/10/2018 26/10/2018 28/10/2018
Film - The Sopranos (Workman) - Speaking Part - 02/11/2018
Lead Cast - Adam - A Way Back (Short Film) 03/11/2018 04/11/2018
Lead Cast - Michael - The Wake Up (Short Film) Filming - 24/11/2018 25/11/2018
Mountain Bike TV Commercial (Hill Walker) - 15/11/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Medical Staff) 19/11/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Medical Staff) 20/11/2018
BBC Trust Me Medical Drama (Medical Staff) 21/11/2018
Lead Cast - Terry - Nowhere to Hide (Short Film) - 27/11/2018
Cast - Forks (Sitcom Pilot) - Jake - Filming Early 2019
Ladbrokes Shoot - Glasgow - 15/01/2019
Video shoot Wed 25th Sept drama scene


Full UK Driving Licence
PVG Scheme Disclosure Scotland
First Aid at Work
SIA Door Supervision qualified
Lifeguard Certificate
Sport, Fitness and Exercise
Sporting Leadership Certificate
Military Parachutist
Military Instructor
Operational Experience
Overseas Training
Weapons Handling
Unarmed Combat
Team\/Combat Medic
DJ and Presenter
Event Host\/Presenter
Events Management
Security Officer
Close Protection Experience
VIP Security Officer
Map Reading and Navigation
Physical Intervention Training
Outdoor Activities
Public Speaking
Animal Handling\/Animal Care
Acting & Performance
Voiceover & ADR
Script Writing\/Producer
Action Performer (Military, Combat, Weapons)

Sports -
Quad - Biking
Trail Running
Cycling\/Mountain Biking
Driving (On and Off-Road)


Age 27
Eyes Blue
Chest 39″
Waist 34″
Inside leg 35″
Height 6"0' (1.83m)
Head 21.00
Collar 15.00
Shoe size 11.00