Climate Control TV com 10th March
3 years Study acting at EAS Edinburgh
1 season Shakespeare with Jennifer Dick at UK TheatreSchool Performing Arts Academy
First Major acting role: 2019 August 16 Napoleon Bonaparte at Lauriston Castle

Film ‘The Wife’ Pub/Bar People 21/11/2016, 22/11/2016
Clique 15/11/2016 ,16/11/2016
Clique - solasta employee 05/12/2016
Clique 09/12/2016
Home Away TV Commercial 13/12/2016
RBS Six Nations Rugby 18/01/2017
Anna and the Apocalypse 13/02/2017,Trust Me 10/02/2017
Anna and the Apocalypse 11/02/2017
Indian film airport scene 14/04/2017, ADAM 17/05/2017
KPMG Photot Shoot 01/06/2017, TV promo for Tennents 26/6/17
EDINBURGH TATTOO AMBUSH IN THE GLAN 31/07/2017 to 26/08/2017
Ayat café diner/staff 04/09/2017
Ayat passer by 07/09/2017
Norwegian Feature Film '12th Man' 02/10/2017
Drummond RBS photo shoot 08/01/2018
You tube gaming show 04/01/2018
Netfilx Death by Magic 26/02/2018
Outlander 13/03/2018
Outlander 12/03/2018
Clique 24/04/2018
Historic Scotland 23/05/2018
Clique Tue 3rd July Edinburgh 16.30 to 03.30 bus station scene
Badla filming in Aviemore today to play police officer - 12/07/2018
Lotto TV commercial Thurs 16th speaking part video casting - 16/08/2018
Shetland House party Boness 28th Aug - 28/08/2018
Still Game - Thurs 6th Sept filming in Balloch - 06/09/2018
Outlander Season 5, Looking for males average height & build, shooting on Friday 14th Sept - 14/09/2018
Film shoot Edinburgh Production 'A Teia' - Wed 3rd October - 03/10/2018
ITV Shetland Double 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th October in BATHGATE - 16/10/2018
Sopranos 9th nov Edinburgh police and passer by - 09/11/2018
The Sopranos filming 11th nov Edinburgh - 11/11/2018
Ladbrooks TV Commercial 6th and 7th Dec Gym members - 04/12/2018
Edinburgh bus tours Video 11th March - 11/03/2019
Outlander Gamblers 1st May - 01/05/2019
Wheatly Group photo shoot male 1, 8th May - 08/04/2019
83 Film Pub scene Mon 17th June
Ladbrooks ~Football players 3rd 4th 5th July
Outlander A Tue 30th July
Outlander 6th aug
Hotel Photo shoot in Melrose - 13th August
Outlander - 30th and 31st August - Cardross
Shiddat 13th and 14th Nov Male Diners Paris Cafe
THe Nest hospital Males scene Sat 16th Nov
Princess Switch Mon 25th Nov Gosford house
Princess Switch Fri 6th dec Manderston house
Princess Switch Thurs 12th dec Manderston house
Princess Switch Fri 13th dec Hopetoun house
Princess Switch Tue 26th Nov Gosford house
Princess Switch wed 18th Dec hopetoun house
EE Commercial Edinburgh Background Thurs 28th
Photo shoot confirmed 4th Feb


Sword fight
Boxing & street fight, body building.
Mixologist (bartender)
Stunts (experienced power lifting, high jump, sprinting, swimming, pool jump, rock climbing, bikes)
4 language : English, German , Hungarian, Romanian


Age 38
Eyes Hazel
Chest 40″
Waist 32″
Inside leg 28″
Height 5"10' (1.78m)
Collar 16.00
Shoe size 9.00