Anti Speeding, photo shoot - Monday 14th Dec
Experienced TV/Film Extra, Actor, Dancer, Donor and Father.
Dancer on stage, don't have a problem with levels of most on-screen nudity or playing a stripper.
Amateur Dramatics most of my life.
Whisky Galore! (2016) Recurring SA character
Tommy's Honour (2016) played previous Club President (featured with dialogue and credited as St Andrews Club President)
Housing Assocation photo shoot 09/07/15
Outlander High Class Livery 20/07/15, 21/07/15 High class Livery, Outlander Double 02/11/15
Bollywood Movie KJD 24/09/15, Bollywood Movie KJD 25/09/15
BBC Drama River City 13/10/15 gangster/funeral featured SA with dialogue
BBC Drama 'One of Us' 27/10/15 playing featured role as a rapist called Graham Harris
Photoshoot In Aberdeen 19/02/2016
Rillington Place 29/03/2016, 05/05/2016 , 10/05/2016 featured with dialogue as war-time police sergeant
River City Cocktail Bar customers 31/03/2016
Tum Bin Café Patrons 25/04/2016 featured with dialogue
British Army officer on film Churchill 23/5/16 featured
Trainspotting begbies hand double 05/07/2016, 6/7/2016, 13/07/2016 (unused)
SNP TV Com 22/09/2016
Film ‘The Wife’ Photographers 21/11/2016
Scot Rail Photo shoot 14/12/2016
Crime reconstruction 13/09/2017 featured with dialogue 
Old speckled hen tv com 14/11/2017
Background Extras in Film 18/03/2018. 18/04/2018
Born to run 29/03/2018
BBC police documentary 06/04/2018 role as actor to protect identity of whistleblower - lots of dialogue 
Filming Dundee Tue 13th at the V & A - 13/11/2018
Outlander wedding now 25th 26th 28th June
Outlander wedding now 26th
Outlander wedding date change Fri 28th
The Nest (BBC) - 13th October 2019 - Featured actor playing Paramedic with complicated medical lines
Princess Switch 2 Wed 11th Dec - Event Staff
Princess Switch 2 Mon 6th Jan 2020 - Featured actor playing concert hall general manager
Video recording w/c 10th


I've got a degree in biomedical science and have years of experience working in laboratories, Experience working as a Policeman, Currently Merchant Navy Deck Officer (which includes Fire Fighting)
Driving Licence

I own a wide range of different police uniforms including riot police with shield and firearms police.


Age 37
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Chest 38″
Waist 32″
Inside leg 29″
Height 5"11' (1.80m)
Head 59.00
Collar 16.00
Shoe size 11.00